Puddle Splashing Fun Made Easy

Butler Overboot

Butler Overboot

One of our mums recently asked CIC for some help to find a solution to her child’s soggy feet during the prolonged wet weather.

Her child wears supportive Piedro boots which are great for support, but were not offering water resistance during trips to parks, petting zoos and, given the wet weather we have had, almost everywhere!

Well there is a fantastic new solution available called a Butler Overboot. Established in 2012, this great innovation from the USA allows you to wear a completely waterproof boot over your existing shoes. They are made from a thin but tough rubber material which opens very wide thanks to the “accordion bellows tongue” and allows you to push your feet with your shoes on, into the boot and then secure with the Velcro tab.

Mr Kingsley-Poole of Bulter® says “They are practical, durable and built to perform under pressure. Come rain, sleet or snow, kids will love the bright, fun colours while mums will love how easy they are to slip over and off of their child’s shoes”.

Available to buy from various retailers around the country and online (Amazon) for £35 we think these boots are great and should help in many situations for any and all children. We think they might be especially useful for children with supportive shoes or when untying and retying shoe laces can be time consuming. We found them to be very easy to put on- if you open the “fan” wide and push the front of the shoe in, and just a bit of a tug on the handy tab at the back and the child’s feet slipped in. Our young product demonstrator absolutely loved them, taking every opportunity to splash in every puddle around with extra enthusiasm.

Butler boots are available in six fun colours: Classic Navy, Yellow Sunshine, Fire Engine Red, Bright Lime, Pink Passion and Teal Tales – enough to brighten up the dullest rainy day and offer lots of puddle-splashing fun with reduced effort!

Please follow this link to find out more: http://us.butlerboot.com/
To find local retailers, if you click the link then follow  the “where to buy” tab.