Product Review: Safe and Sound Travel Pod

Safe and Sound Travel Pod

Safe and Sound Travel Pod

CIC bring you a review of the Creative Care Limited Safe and Sound Travel Pod, a portable safe sleeping area.

Over the years CIC have been asked many times for a solution to safe sleeping whilst travelling. Secure sleeping areas are readily available for permanent fixtures, and we have tried a few times to make something that would allow easy travel, perhaps sleeping over at Grandma’s house, going on holiday etc. But we have never succeeded in anything structurally sound enough that we would be happy to release. So when we came across the fantastic Creative Care Limited and their Safe and Sound Travel Pod we were over the moon that we can now direct people to the perfect solution to this problem!

Not only are Creative Care Limited a great, friendly and ethical company, they have an amazing product, beautifully made from quality materials and it is the best priced unit on the market. By designing and manufacturing in-house, and cutting out the middle men, Creative Care Limited are able to bring you this product for the best price possible.


It gets better: The Safe and Sound Travel Pod has also been designed by former aircraft engineer Tom, to be the smallest and most portable unit available! The unit weights 25kg in total and has been cleverly engineered to fold into 2 bags, both of which will fit width ways between the wheel arches of an average car – this was a vital criteria for Tom, as the unit is portable. Using an innovative camp bed arrangement they have also removed the bulky mattress which increases portability.

Some of the results of using the Creative Care Limited bed ranges are outstanding. Some children have been clinically proven to be able to reduce their sleep medication, and others have stopped using it completely and are getting their best night’s sleep in their lives – and so are their parents!!

The enclosures are shown to be so comfortable and comforting that kids are making the choice themselves to sleep inside to get some rest and get away from the bustle of family life for a bit of “me- time”.

A sale or return scheme is also available for those who would like a demonstration of the pods before purchase, with the only cost being for the postage.

Please feel free to visit: or call the Creative Care Limited team on 07585667248 or 07731793687 for more information and current pricing.