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Cameron Gets Around on His New Scooot Seat

Louise French recently got in touch with us after she saw a Scooot Seat in action and knew it would be beneficial for her son Cameron. She told us their story.

Cameron was my third baby. He was born a healthy little boy, brother to Harris and Alfie, he made my family complete.  At 5 weeks old he became ill and was admitted to hospital where unfortunately he suffered a cardiac arrest which resulted in lack of oxygen to his brain and this resulted in an acquired brain injury. He spent the next 6 months in hospital.

The brain injury has meant that Cameron can’t safely swallow so he has had numerous operations and is now fed through a peg in his tummy.  He cannot communicate and is unable to sit up unaided and cannot walk.  It has been a long and hard 3 years looking after Cameron and coming to terms with his disabilities.  Cameron has very challenging behaviours which we believe are mainly due to frustration.

Cameron gets very frustrated as any 3 year old. He wants to run about and play with his brothers and other children but due to his disabilities he cannot. We had no means of Cameron moving about the room to follow his brothers and to get from room to room.  When playing outside Cameron just had to sit in his wheelchair and watch the boys.

Christmas 2015 we went to our Portage Christmas party were we saw a little boy on a Scooot Seat and we thought that maybe that if we could maybe get one of these Cameron would be able to join in with others while building his posture and potentially helping him to sit independently. Our Portage worker went out of her way to get us one to borrow to see how Cameron went on. Unfortunately there was so much demand for the equipment we were only able to borrow for a couple of weeks which wasn’t long enough for Cameron to get used to it.  We therefore put an application to Cerebra for a grant to purchase a Scooot. We waited patiently and we eventually got a letter to say our grant was successful and the Scooot was on order!

The Scooot got delivered about a month ago and to say it has opened up so many opportunities for Cameron is an understatement!  He is now following us round the room and joining in with his brothers when playing.  He has even started to sit unaided since using the scoot which is a real achievement for Cameron.  Today we took the Scooot outside in the garden and we played football, Cameron was so excited it was absolutely brilliant.

All I can say to Cerebra is thank you because you have allowed Cameron the ability to join in with so many things and without your assistance we may never have got the Scooot.

Thank you Cerebra.

The Scooot Seat was originally designed by the team at the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) and is now manufactured by Leckey.
Julie sent us this lovely video of Cameron enjoying his new Scooot Seat.

Cerebra’s grant scheme makes Sophie “squeal with laughter”

Sophie enjoying a family bike ride

Sophie enjoying a family bike ride

By making a donation to our Christmas Appeal this year you can help disabled children enjoy every -day activities that we all take for granted and help families create special memories that will stay with them forever.

At Cerebra we believe that all children should have the same opportunity for fun and participation. The cost of specially made equipment that gives the correct support and safety for children with brain conditions can often be too expensive for families to afford. Our Grants Scheme funds up to 80% of the cost of equipment and services to help make life easier and more enjoyable for children with brain conditions, giving them the same opportunities for independence and an ordinary life.

The Hibbs family recently received a grant from us for an adapted bike for nine year old Sophie who has cerebral palsy. The Hibbs’ wanted Sophie to experience the simple pleasure of going for a family bike ride but this was impossible for Sophie because her physical disabilities meant that she couldn’t use standard equipment.

A grant from Cerebra made Sophie’s cycling dreams a reality and the the family haven’t looked back since! Sophie’s bike means that the family can enjoy the simple pleasure of cycling together through the countryside and has bought everyone closer together.

quotation-mark-openHaving this bike means, for the very first time, we can go out for a family bike ride, all together. There is nothing more precious than seeing your child squeal with laughter and having fun. We can now go out with friends and enjoy a bike ride together, without one of us staying behind with Sophie.

Whilst we’re out bike riding, people now talk to Sophie as they have something to discuss. It is breaking down barriers and showing how important it is for our disabled community to integrate.

quotation-mark-closeWe have had so many comments on what a great bike it is and how much Sophie is loving it. We are changing people’s attitudes to what disabled children can experience. This bike almost makes us feel ‘normal’!

– Victoria Hibbs

Please donate to our Christmas Appeal this year and help us put a smile on a child’s face. There are many more families like the Hibbs’ across the country who need our help.


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The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together with Sophie and her trike The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together

More way you can donate this Christmas:

  • Text YULE12 and the amount you would like to donate to 70070
  • Call 01267 244221 to make payment over the phone using your credit or debit card
  • Send a cheque made payable to Cerebra to Fundraising Department, Cerebra, Second Floor Offices, Lyric Building, King Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1BD

Thank you.

Tom’s Trike

Tom and his trike

Tom and his trike

Young Tom Hegenbarth from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire has just received his brand new Tomcat trike thanks to Stourport-on-Severn Inner Wheel and Cerebra.

Tom has Alfi’s syndrome, a rare condition causing poor balance and co-ordination, low muscle tone, epilepsy and learning difficulties. He also has scoliosis and has rods to support his spine. Cycling is one safe activity that Tom can do but he has never had his own bike until now.

The trike was funded by a generous donation by Stourport-on-Severn Inner Wheel and a grant from Cerebra.  The Inner Wheel have been fundraising for Cerebra over the past 12 months – they arranged a concert with local singer David Lawrence and young duo Lady and the Sax as well as an afternoon tea. Over the year they raised £1000 which they donated to Cerebra with the request that the money be used to help a family in the West Midlands area.

The family are very grateful for the donation and the grant which made Tom’s cycling dreams come true. Tom’s mum Judith said: “It is so wonderful to see him able to exercise more independently and to cycle alongside his brother – your gift is a gift for the whole family. Thanks again for your hard work and generosity”.

Tom added: “Thank you so much for helping me get my bike. It’s really cool and I like to go on it lots. It’s yellow which is my favourite colour”.

You can watch a short video clip of Tom enjoying his new trike here.

If you a part of a group that would like to fundraise for us please get in touch with us on 01267 244221 or give@cerebra.org.uk. Your support really does make a difference to families.

Darcy’s on the move!

Darcy riding her trike

Darcy riding her trike

A little girl will be having lots of fun this summer on her new trike, funded by Cerebra.

Darcy has a coloboma (a gap in the structure of the eye) that has left her partially blind. She also lives with painful spasms, epilepsy and developmental delay.

Her conditions make day to day life difficult but it doesn’t slow Darcy down and she enviously watched her sisters playing on their bikes.

Darcy’s mum couldn’t afford the specialist trike that Darcy needed, so applied to Cerebra for a grant to help with the cost. Her mum told us:

“The trike has given Darcy the chance to keep up with her sisters and she loves it. She’s like the queen waving at everyone as she passes! She has taken it to play group so she can join in when they do outside play then rides home on it. Thank you so much – it means the world to us that she can enjoy an activity safely without seizures and balance being an issue”.

The support given to Darcy and her family by Cerebra is all thanks to the money raised by the public. If you’d like to help us to keep making a positive difference, head over to our fundraising page.