New parent guides launched

Cerebra currently funds research at the Cerebra Centre for Neurological Disorders (CCND) and the work at the Centre focuses on the difficulties experienced by children who have intellectual disability. One problem is that many children with severe intellectual disability are not able to communicate that they are experiencing pain and discomfort. Therefore the research team at CCND have produced a Guide to help parents and carers understand how pain may affect their child. This new Guide Pain in children with severe intellectual disability: A Guide for parents  explains the possible causes of pain in children with intellectual disability, presents information about how pain may be shown by children who are unable to say that they are in pain and discusses the effects that untreated pain can have on the child.

A further two Guides have recently been updated in conjunction with Fiona McGhie at Irwin Mitchell solicitors and can currently be found on our website. These two Guides relate to the processes involved when a child with a neurological condition comes into contact with the police and the court system.

The first of these Guides The arrest and detention of disabled children: A Guide for Parents relates to arrest and detention and is specifically aimed at providing parents with information about what is involved if their child comes into contact with the police and what their rights are. It also gives details of useful organisations and resources which can provide further help and support.

The second Guide Supporting disabled children and young people who are victims of or witnesses to crime concerns supporting children with a neurological condition who have been either been a witness to or a victim of a crime. This Guide aims to provide information about the impact of the crime, the support available and the child’s rights.

Our Guides are regularly reviewed and updated and we are always interested to hear your views about our publications and how you think they could be improved. So if you have any comments about these Guides, please get in touch with us at