New sensory toy tubs in our free lending library

The Sensory Sensitive Kit

The Sensory Sensitive Kit

We have made some changes to the sensory tubs that are available from our free lending library.

Up until now we have offered 8 different type of tubs – each with a collection of toys. We have decided to change the choice of tubs we offer to allow us to offer more of each type of tub and allow us to replace old and tired parts from the existing tubs.

The tubs that are being replaced are the Original Sensory Tubs; the Tactile Kit; the Sounds Kit; the Music in Box; the Visual Sensory Tub and the Mirror Diffraction Tubs.  If you were on the waiting list for any of these, you should already have been contacted to see what you would like instead.

The ‘Relaxation Sensory Tubs’ and the ‘Fidget Kits’ and ‘UV Fun Tubs’ will remain but there will now be 3 of each available for loan.

The new tubs we are offering are:

  • 3 x ‘Sensory Seeking Kits’ – items in these kits are brightly coloured, include hard textures, encourage activity and include percussion instruments and vibrating items
  • 3 x ‘Sensory Sensitive Kits’ – items in these kits are soft textured, include quiet sounds and low lighting and include items with slow moving oils, gels and glitter inside
  • There will also be one “Lucky Dip” Sensory Bag, which will contain a variety of sensory items but the contents will vary depending on what is available, these are likely to be percussion, visual and tactile items.

We hope you will like our new choice of toys, and that the waiting times will be reduced for you.

You can see the full range of items available to borrow here.

Jan, The Librarian