Darcy’s on the move!

Darcy riding her trike

Darcy riding her trike

A little girl will be having lots of fun this summer on her new trike, funded by Cerebra.

Darcy has a coloboma (a gap in the structure of the eye) that has left her partially blind. She also lives with painful spasms, epilepsy and developmental delay.

Her conditions make day to day life difficult but it doesn’t slow Darcy down and she enviously watched her sisters playing on their bikes.

Darcy’s mum couldn’t afford the specialist trike that Darcy needed, so applied to Cerebra for a grant to help with the cost. Her mum told us:

“The trike has given Darcy the chance to keep up with her sisters and she loves it. She’s like the queen waving at everyone as she passes! She has taken it to play group so she can join in when they do outside play then rides home on it. Thank you so much – it means the world to us that she can enjoy an activity safely without seizures and balance being an issue”.

The support given to Darcy and her family by Cerebra is all thanks to the money raised by the public. If you’d like to help us to keep making a positive difference, head over to our fundraising page.