Borrow books on Special Educational Needs from our library

Borrow books on Special Educational Needs from our postal lending libraryWe have lots of books on Special Educational Needs available to borrow for free from our postal lending library.

The new EHC plans and SEND Code of Practice

  • L6652 The SENCO Handbook: leading and managing a whole school approach by Elizabeth Cowne
  • L6633 Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: the essential guide to getting out of the maze by Melinda Nettleton
  • L6656 The SEND Code of Practice 0 – 25 Years: policy provision and practice by Rona Tutt
  • L6655 Acheiving Successful Transitions for Young People with Disabilities: a practical guide by Jill Hughes

Special Educational Statementing (where it is still applicable)

  • L6341 and L6569 Surving the Special Educational Needs System: how to be a velvet bulldozer by Sandy Row
  • L6322 Guerilla Mum: surviving the special needs education jungle by Ellen Power


  • L6327 and L6383 Choosing a School for a Child with Special Needs by Ruth Birnbaum
  • L6167 and L6535 Special Educational Needs a Parents’ Guide by Antonia Chitty
  • L6585 Including Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Foundation Stage by Lindsay Barnes
  • L6592 Including Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Foundation Stage by Clare Beswick
  • L6551 and L6597 Including Children with Attention and Behaviour Difficulties in the Foundation Stage by Maureen Garner
  • L6370 Key Issues in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion by Alan Hodkinson
  • L6342 How To Reach and Teach All Students in the Inclusive Classroom by Sandra Rief
  • L6455 Including Me: managing complex health needs in schools and early years settings by Jeanne Carlin
  • L6513 How To Make School Make Sense: a parents’ guide to helping the child with Asperger Syndrome by Clare Lawrence


  • L6213 Special Educational Needs Inclusion and Diversity by Norah Frederickson

Special provision

  • Schools for Special Needs Gabbitas Education 18th Edition 2013: the complete guide to special needs education in the United Kingdom
  • L6501 Personalised Learning for Young People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties by Andrew Colley

Particularly for teachers / SENCOs

  • L6427 A Practical Guide for Teachers of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Secondary School Education by Debra Costley
  • L6412 Transforming the Role of the SENCO: achieving the national award for sen co-ordination by Fiona Hallett

Home schooling

  • L6143 Teaching at Home: a new approach to tutoring children with autism and Asperger Syndrome by Olga Holland
  • L6430 Autism and Flexischooling: a shared classroom and home schooling approach by Clare Lawrence

If you would like to borrow any of these books please contact our librarian on or 01267 244203. To download a full list of all of our books visit our library pages.