Books in the Library for Older Kids

Library booksCerebra has a large selection of books in our postal lending library for children and their siblings to read to help them understand their disability. We list some of the more popular books.

Last month we are featuring books for younger children and this month we are featuring books for older children.

You can borrow the children’s books on behalf of your child, as with the sensory toys. Sorry, but children can’t be library members themselves.

The full list of children’s books in our library can be found on our library pages.

Disability info for older children:

C0091  Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew
C0149  A Book About What Autism Can Be Like
C0141  Do You Understand Me? My life my thoughts my autism spectrum disorder
C0193  Explaining Autism
C0093  Can I Tell You About Asperger Syndrome
C0178  Inside Aspergers Looking Out
C0147  All Cats Have Aspergers
C0181  What is it Like to Be Me? A book about a boy with Aspergers
C0206  The Asperkids Secret Book of Social Rules
C0084  How to be Yourself in a World That’s Different: an Aspergers study guide to adolescence
L6291  Freaks Geeks and Asperger Syndrome
C0191  Sensory Smarts (sensory processing disorder)
L6050  Touch and Go Joe: an adolescent’s experience of OCD
C0061  Jumping Johnny Get Back to Work (ADHD)
C0117  The Girls Guide to ADHD
C0216  Can I Tell You About ADHD
C0137  All About Brain Tumours
C0174  Can I Tell You About Epilepsy
C0194  Explaining Epilepsy
C0190  Tic Talk (tourettes)
C0214  Can I Tell You About Tourette Syndrome
C0195  Explaining Down Syndrome
C0196  Explaining Cerebral Palsy
C0215  Can I Tell You About Dyspraxia
C0180  Living With Disability (all aspects of life with a disability)
Growing up:

C0153  Personal Hygiene: what’s that got to do with me? (boys and girls)
L6323  Taking Care of Myself: a hygiene and puberty personal curriculum for young people with autism (boys and girls)
L6483  The Boys Guide to Growing Up: choices and changes during puberty
C0218  Girl Talk: a survival guide to growing up
Fiction for older kids:

C0158  Trueman Bradley Aspie Detective
C0182  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
C0082  Blue Bottle Mystery (an aspie novel)
C0085  Of Mice and Aliens (an aspie novel)
C0192  Rules (having a brother with autism)
Books for siblings:

C0068  Being the Other One
C0107  The Sibling Slam Book
C0135  I’m a Teenager Get me Out of Here
C0217  Everybody is Different: a book for young people who have brothers or sisters with autism
C0179  My Family is Different: a workbook for children with a brother or sister who has autism or Asperger Syndrome