Cerebra’s Sleep Service Helps Scott and Natalie

Five year-old Scott who has a rare chromosome disorder and Autism, was having problems with sleeping by himself.  Natalie, Scott’s mum, got in touch with Cerebra’s Sleep Service for some help.

Natalie told us: “My son goes to sleep around 7.30pm. He falls asleep with me sat by his door. He wakes every night around 10.30/11pm. I then go in and get into his bed. Sometimes I can sneak out but usually he will then wake an hour later. He requests to be held and cuddled all night.”

After completing one of our sleep questionnaires to give us an idea of he nature of the problem, one of Cerebra’s Sleep Practitioners, Pattie Everitt visited the family at home. Pattie was able to discuss the issue fully with Natalie and also look at the practicalities of their home set-up such as location of bedrooms.

Pattie suggested the process of gradual withdrawal to Natalie.  This is a very gradual process of the parent moving away slowly from the child every few nights, or whatever pace suits the family.  Natalie has tried the process before but she didn’t have the confidence in the method to persevere. However, she was willing to try it again as she was in the right frame of mind and was more confident it would work.  She slept on the floor in Scott’s room to begin with, and gradually moved her mattress away.

Just a couple of months later Natalie had managed to achieve better sleep: “I am so pleased to be able to tell you that Scott is now in a new room and is currently sleeping through the night most nights and has been for the last month or so. I almost daren’t write it or say it because it is the first time in 10 years that I feel somewhat confident  that sleep will now be much better. Thank you for coming round and meeting me because it gave me the final push and incentive to do this and it will be life changing. Long may it continue, fingers crossed. I truly believe that if my child can be trained to sleep through there really is hope for other families.”

If your child is having problems sleeping please contact us on 01267 244210 or e-mail us at sleep@cerebra.org.uk. You can also complete a referral form on our website.