Update on Tommy Lee and his Horse Riding Helmet

Tommy Lee wearing his helmet

Tommy Lee wearing his helmet

Back in February we told the story of Tommy Lee and his horse riding helmet which was designed by the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC).

Tommy Lee’s family challenged the team at the Innovation Centre to design and create a helmet so that Tommy Lee could fulfil his dream to go horse riding with his friends. Due to having a unique shaped head, standard helmets would not fit Tommy Lee. The team managed to create a helmet for Tommy Lee and now there is no stopping him!

We recently received this lovely feedback from Tommy Lee’s teacher which shows that Tommy Lee is getting plenty of use out of his new helmet!

“Tommy Lee would like to show you that he is using his helmet to learn to ride a bike as well as for horse riding – something he previously couldn’t join in with. We have now got him a trike. He is always smiling these days! Thank you for the helmet again and best wishes with all your good work in the future.”
Karin May – Tommy Lee’s teacher.

If you have a unique challenge for the Cerebra Innovation, the team want to hear from you! Email cic@cerebra.org.uk or call 01792 483 688.