Sleep Practitioner helps Ella get a Good Night’s Sleep

Our Sleep Practitioner Pattie Everitt has helped another family with their sleep issues.

Nine year-old Ella, who has ADHD, was struggling to get to sleep. Her mum climbed in with her between 7:30 and 8:30 each night but Ella wasn’t falling asleep until about 11pm.

After thoroughly understanding the family’s situation Pattie was able to give the following advice:

  • Avoid exposure to a lot of light up for the two hours before bedtime.  This includes using computers, tablets, T.V., phones etc as they emit a lot of blue light (which stops the sleep hormone melatonin from being released).
  • Try moving her bath time nearer to bedtime/ sleep time so that it is part of her bedtime routine.  Introduce massage if she is ok with this as this can release feel good hormone which might aid sleep.
  • The more relaxed she is the better, so keep bedtime a positive time and avoid confrontation.
  • Try a later bedtime (or 11pm) with the routine in place, and then make this earlier by fifteen minutes each day until you get to a more suitable time.

The family tried out these tips which have had a positive effect and Ella is now settling at around 9:30pm.

Ella’s mum said: “Pattie really helped our family with ideas for Ella’s sleep. Some things that she suggested really surprised me but I followed some tactics and they are working. It’s really helped us to have support. Thank you.”

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