Helping families to sleep well


Our Sleep Service is there to support families to get a good night’s sleep.

One of our Sleep Practitioners, Catherine Stone, explains how she was recently able to help a family with their night time difficulties.

“I met Rebecca at an event and got chatting to her about the help Cerebra can offer. She was really interested in getting some advice on sleep as her son, Kaiden, was having some difficulties. We arranged for me to make a home visit so that we could discuss the situation in more detail.

When I visited them at home Rebecca explained that Kaiden would take hours to settle each night, especially if one of his parents wasn’t there with him. We also chatted about the anxieties that affect Kaiden on a daily basis and discussed his bedtime routine in detail.

Between us we discussed and agreed sleep programme that would meet Kaiden’s needs. The new routine would include introducing a later bedtime, closer to his current settling time as well as making sure that he has a comforter on hand to give him the same feelings of reassurance he gets from his mum and dad. We decided on a V shape pillow and making sure that that Kaiden feels enclosed in his bed.

Some of Kaiden’s anxieties from the day were having an impact on his ability to settle in the evening – noise seemed to cause the greatest problem. We discussed products that may help with this and Rebecca decided on purchasing a set of ear defenders.

With all of these changes in place, Kaiden has been settling in his own bedroom more quickly and gradually Rebecca has been able to let him sleep on his own”.

Kaiden’s mum Rebecca told us:

“I felt at a loss with our bedtime routine and was constantly trying new strategies. I would spend hours trying to settle my 7 year old son to sleep and going into his own bed was a big huge no no. Catherine took the time out to meet with me and instantly understood my son and set me up with a plan of action. I have had my bed to myself ever since.”