Books on Behaviour in our library

library-booksThis month we bring you a list of the books in our library covering behaviour.

For kids:

  • C0151 – Dont Behave Like You Live in a Cave

Advice for parents:

  • L6377 – Power Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD: a practical guide for managing difficult behaviours
  • L6350 and L6286 – The Explosive Child: a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated chronically inflexible children
  • L6420 and L6450 – Calm Your Hyperactive Child: coping with ADHD and other behavioural problems
  • L6416 and L6530 – Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track: what parents and professionals can do for childhood emotional and behaviour problems
  • L6364 and L6296 – No Fighting No Biting No Screaming: how to make behaving positively possible for people with autism and other developmental disabilities
  • L6031 – Achieving Best Behaviour for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • L1611 – Bringing Up a Challenging Child at Home
  • L6460 – Children with Social Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties and Communication Problems: there is always a reason
  • L6180 – Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour for Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • L1610 – Communication-Based Intervention for Problem Behaviour
  • L1664 – The Good The Bad and The Irritating: a practical approach for parents of children who are attention seeking

Especially in class:

  • L6551 – Including Children With Attention and Behaviour Difficulties in the Foundation Stage
  • L1532 and L1608 – A Practical Guide to Solving Pre-school Behaviour Problems
  • L6188 – Getting the Buggars to Behave: advice on behaviour management in the classroom

Anger for children:

  • C0157 – A Volcano in my Tummy: helping children to handle anger
  • C0131 – Exploring Anger with Your Child
  • C0176 – The Red Beast: controlling anger in children with Aspergers Syndrome

Anger for parents:

  • L6421 – Exploring Anger: cognitive behaviour therapy to manage anger
  • L6526 – The Anger Box: sensory turmoil and pain in autism
  • L6437 – Anger Management: session plans using strength based solutions


  • C0212 – The Panicosaurus: managing anxiety in children including those with Asperger Syndrome
  • L6241 – Helping Your Anxious Child
  • L6422 – Exploring Feelings: cognitive behaviour to manage anxiety