Pain in children with severe intellectual disability: A Guide for Parents

PainThis guide will help the parents of children with severe intellectual and/or communication difficulties understand how pain may affect their child.

It does so by explaining possible causes of pain in children with intellectual disability, presenting information about how pain may be shown by children who cannot tell us they are in pain and discussing the effects of untreated pain.

Download Pain in Children with Severe Intellectual Disability: A Guide for Parents (Pdf)

First published 2015. This edition 2015. Review date 2018.

We have also produced a useful infographic which explains how to use the FLACC Pain Scale. This is a system that can help parents and professionals assess pain levels in children who have limited or no expressive communication. Click on the link below to download a copy.

Download FLACC infographic


Published 2014. This edition 2014. Review date 2017.


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