Do you have some equipment that your child no longer uses but still has plenty of life in it? Use our freecycle page to find a new home for your unneeded specialist equipment.

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Equipment Available

TomCat TrikeTomCat Trike

Location: Hampshire
Contact: or 01730828316

The Tomcat Tiger is a special needs trike designed for children aged between 2 and 4 and those with a wide range of disabilities. Hannah has quad CP and it has really helped her strength, flexibility and more importantly for us, she loves it. She can take her ‘bike’ out for a ride with her twin sister and for once they share the same experience. Sadly we have outgrown this now she is 7, but it comes with all of the supports available including trunk support and leg callipers. Sorry – don’t know why the picture is upside down.

The Carer Control SystemTM has a joystick arm behind the trike that connects to the steering and brakes allowing mum, dad or the carer to always be in control. Move the joystick right or left to steer or pull back on the lever to apply the brakes. For children who can steer, the trike has a clever cord that can be pulled to apply just the brakes. If the rider can steer and brake then you can remove either the Carer Control System or Cord Pull brake in seconds, giving them complete independence! All children love the stylish good looks, while schools and playgroups love the tiger too because it is so versatile.