Oxy – Gem

OxyGem 1Oxy-Gem is a product that enables children to independently transport their own oxygen cylinders, ventilator or food pump. We’ve designed a seat for those well-earned breaks and a little added room for fun items like toys and books! Oxy-Gem was developed with the children’s independence in mind. Now they are free to explore without adult help while being the envy of all the other children in school!

OxyGem 2


Before we went about designing our very own canister trolley we modified one of Trunki’s suitcases. Jessica’s mum, Caroline, called to ask us if we could help with the issue of carrying Jessica’s oxygen cylinder. Until then, the cylinder had been carried by an adult, limiting her independence.

Our solution was to modify one of Trunki’s great suitcases. This children’s travelling companion makes for a great base unit but needed a few extra features. New wheels and a moulded insert were created to hold the oxygen cylinder securely inside while being used as a breathing aid.  Our young client does not need the companionship of an adult to move around anymore!

“Oh wow, thank you….. This is going to promote her independence so much and make a huge difference to all our lives.” – Caroline