Up Ben Nevis Trek

A group of friends trek up Ben Nevis to raise money for Cerebra

Ben Nevis nutters

L-R: Lindsay Whitehead, Michelle Whitehead, Norma Nicholson, Kelly Pahnke and Sadie Bews

Michelle Whitehead and a group of her friends recently completed a trek up Ben Nevis in order to raise money for Cerebra.

Michelle, along with her friends Norma Nicholson, Kelly Pahnke, Lindsay Whitehead and Sadie Bews managed to complete the trek up Britain’s highest mountain and in doing so, raised over £900 for Cerebra.

Michelle said: “We did it is because we thought we should put our girlie weekends to some good as we had done shopping and being a tourist so decided to set ourselves a challenge. My gosh was it a challenge! When you first set off you’re excited and full of dread then as you climb you feel like you can’t keep going but you do because seeing the summit is important. Plus all the people who have sponsored you; you can’t let them down or yourself. There were some laughs and some tears especially at the top but when you come back down you feel elated like you have achieved conquering the world. It was worth every pain and tear to know that not only did we do it but that we did it for a very worthy cause.”

They dubbed themselves the “Ben Nevis Nutters” but Cerebra are very grateful for their efforts!