Manchester Marathon Success for Team Cerebra

Sarah's medal

Sarah’s medal

This year’s Greater Manchester Marathon took place on Sunday 10th April and Cerebra were very privileged to have two runners taking part to raise money for us.

The first was our very own Trust Fundraiser Sarah Robey. Sarah is a keen runner who has taken part in many running events before this one. She can’t resist a challenge and the Greater Manchester Marathon was just one more obstacle to overcome!

Sarah told us: “It was perfect weather for a run around Manchester, albeit a very long run. I’m not going to say never again because I said that last year!”

Our second runner was Andrea Chantler who had a very personal reason for supporting Cerebra.

“My niece Amy was born prematurely 11 years ago and her diagnosis has always been uncertain. The doctors advised her parents that Amy had a bleed on her brain which occurred due to a problem with the platelets in her mum and dad’s blood.  She is partially blind, has cerebral palsy, is autistic and cannot walk. Amy’s main carers are her Mum & Dad. Despite her disabilities, she is a happy go lucky young girl and attends a school which she really likes.

Sarah with her two sons at the finish line

Sarah with her two sons at the finish line

I have run since the age of 19, entering 10k’s and some half marathons, but never a full marathon. I decided as I am 40 this year it was now or never! I wanted to do it for Cerebra as my brother and sister in law told me the charity has been very supportive to themselves and Amy.

Training was difficult but I managed it. As I work 3 days in a hospital and my husband works full-time I tried to get out when I can. I made the most of any opportunities and my family and friends have been very supportive.  I trained 3-4 times per week and managed to get to 18 miles longest single run. In total over a week I was covering around 30 miles. I know I could not have done anymore and I am very happy with how far I have come.”

You can still support Andrea and Sarah through their Just Giving pages.

If you would like to find out more about Cerebra’s upcoming running events, to see if we have any places in runs near you, or if you have a specific event in mind that you would like to take part in, check out our Run for Cerebra page. You can also contact our Events Coordinator at