Catherine Newell

Catherine Newell with her daughter Ruby

Catherine and Ruby

Catherine lives in east London with her daughter Ruby and her husband Simon, a primary school teacher. She found out about Cerebra’s work when Ruby sustained a severe brain injury at the age of 5, in 2010.

She collapsed at school due to a cardiac arrest, caused by a rare undiagnosed heart condition called CPVT. She was resuscitated after 40 minutes but the event left her permanently and severely disabled. She underwent rehabilitation in the UK and Catherine and her family then raised money for Ruby to spend a year being treated in the US.

As a former academic, Catherine is writing a memoir about the journey they’ve been on with Ruby. She is an active parent governor at her daughter’s school, Richard Cloudesley in Islington, London where she is also an active member of our parents’ group. She also blogs about Ruby’s recovery and how her injury has changed all their lives on her website

“Cerebra has a real emphasis on giving families practical help, such as the will service, toy library and innovation centre. One of the most important things Cerebra does is help parents negotiate and make informed decisions about the many treatments and therapies aimed at our children. I am delighted to spread the word about the important work that Cerebra does and look forward to watching the organisation continue to grow and help other families like mine.”Catherine Newell