Families have fun at Eureka day out

Child playing in giant mouthOn the 27th of August, the sun was shining and 55 parents, carers and children had a fantastic day trip to Eureka interactive science museum in Halifax. The trip was organised by Cerebra Regional Officer Laura Murphy.

Families arrived for 10am, when they were able to explore the museum at their own pace, enjoying different rooms such as ‘all about me’ where families were able to interactively learn more about their senses, their bodies and also measure how far they can stretch and jump. There were also plenty of sensory areas with bubble tubes, dark rooms with star lights twinkling, and plenty of things to touch and play with!

There were plenty of opportunities for the kids to role play, with a very lifelike M&S where children could pretend to be shopkeepers, a bank and a post office where children could deliver letters!

After a fun filled couple of hours, everyone was able to sit and have a buffet lunch. This was a great time for everyone to meet and get to know each other. There was also plenty of food including cakes and biscuits.

Once everyone had finished lunch, it was back to the museum for more exploring. As it was a beautiful sunny day some families also chose to enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine whilst children played in the large sandpit outdoors.

At 2pm came our organised activities, exclusively for Cerebra members! This was a great opportunity for families to enjoy themselves in a much less crowded environment. In the conservatory there was den building (which got quite competitive!) and there were some fantastic looking dens. There was also face painting, which Regional Officer Laura couldn’t help but join in with and ended up painting 4 or 5 children’s faces!

In the imagination space there were arts and crafts for Cerebra families. There were loads of crafty activities laid out plus plenty of sensory fun including a tub of jelly water, shapeable foam and a very strange type of play doh that turned to liquid! Families could make their own snow, paint paper stuck to the walls and get as messy as they wanted!

Families were able to wander between both these activities aswell as enjoying the museum if they didn’t fancy either of these. The fun activities lasted until 3:30, so gave everyone plenty of time to enjoy everything.

Speaking to some of the families during the day everyone said how wonderful a day it was. As the day went on the museum got quieter, which allowed some families to enjoy the museum that couldn’t when it was too busy. One family said ‘with his attention being very short and him not able to focus any length of time nor wait, it was perfect, as it was quiet as he flitted from one thing to another. He really liked it it was nice to see him smile.’

Another parent commented ‘Just want to say thank you for today the kid’s absolutely enjoyed themselves’

Another parent said: ‘A well planned day, well thought out with the extra activities that were put on, especially the Sensory play was a great hit! Educating, interactive and fun day!’