Victoria Gets Around With her New Trolley

Victoria trolley mainThe Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) recently received a request from Ian and Liz Staples who wondered if the team could help them by creating a trolley that their daughter Victoria could use to transport her feeding pump.

Always eager to help, the team accepted the challenge and Victoria received her new equipment a couple of weeks ago.

Victoria is reliant on her feeding pump for an hour three times a day and this can be very restrictive, especially when she wants to play!

So far, the trolley has been a huge success and Dad Ian, who had previously made an attempt to create his own version recently contacted us to say: “The trolley you have made for Victoria is amazing it is what Liz asked of me to begin with, and it puts my efforts to shame that’s for sure! In fact I think Liz has already removed mine from the house. It’s the silly little things that can make such a difference in our daughter’s life and believe me this is one.  She is just so mobile with it, the trolley means that she is not stuck in a chair for over an hour 3 times a day, just so we can feed her. With all her other restrictions that have had to be placed on her, it’s just great to have her moving around the house just a little bit more. We can’t thank you enough.

The CIC team are always looking for new ways to make the lives of children with disabilities a little bit easier through their marvellous creations so if you have a problem, big or small that you think the team can help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact them on 01792 483688 or

Below are some more pictures of Victoria and her new trolley: