The Cerebra Innovation Centre Needs Your Help!

Hatch LogoWe recently wrote about Hatch – a website that allows designers of equipment for children with additional needs the opportunity of bringing some of their products to the wider market, making them more readily available for the children that need them.

The team at the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) have recently joined the site and need your help to bring some of their best creations to life!

Hatch creates a platform for professional product designers to post ideas for items to help solve problems that children with additional needs may be encountering. Products that are submitted then appear on the site for 90 days and during that time, members of the Hatch community can add their comments, suggestions and vote if they want to see the product professionally manufactured. That’s where you come in!

We need as many votes for the Oxy-Gem, BOUNCE!, Cerebra iPad Case and Weighted cap/ hat as possible to see them more widely manufactured.

At the moment, all of these products are created in-house by our CIC team and are produced individually when a parent requests them. If they were to be manufactured by Leckey – the company behind Hatch, they would be available to a larger audience meaning that more children would be able to benefit from such products.

The great news for Cerebra would be that a percentage of the royalties from each product sold would come directly to us, ensuring that our Innovation Centre can continue to design new and exciting things to help children with additional needs.

You can find out more about The Cerebra Innovation Centre on our website or by contacting For more information about Hatch, please visit their website.