Challenge our Innovation Centre!

Innovation centre scoot seat

Innovation Centre’s Scoot seat

Can you challenge our Innovation Centre to design a product for your child?

The Innovation Centre brings together a team of designers to produce unique equipment for disabled children. They can help parents find suitable products or build completely new products which may not already be available.

The team at the Innovation Centre already has an impressive portfolio of products under their belt. Some of their more popular items include the Goto seat and the iPad case. Some more of their products can be viewed in the mini gallery below and on our website.

We recently received a lovely letter from a family who received one of the Innovation Centre’s iPad cases. The case went to nine year old Shaya who had already damaged several iPads because he did not have a case that was suitable for his needs. The Cerebra iPad case, which can be seen below was described as “Shaya proof” by his mum.

“We can’t thank you enough for the improvement to the quality of Shaya’s life.”

The Innovation Centre are always eager to hear from parents with their ideas for new products and that’s where you come in! If you have an idea for a product that you can’t find anywhere else or need a product adapted to meet your child’s needs, then get in touch! You can contact the team at or 01792 483688.